Isosaari customer service

Isosaari´s harbor master: 0447634768 (practical matters: barbecue, sauna, harbor fees, camping)

Charters or offer request below. I will reply as soon as possible!

General customer service

From 9th of January MON-FRI from 9.00 to 15.00: 0102023780 or

(general inquiries, customer feedback, ticket sales, tent fees, lost property)

Ferry traffic

M/s Viapori ship phone number during scheduled traffic: 0451455946



GoGolf Isosaari (weekdays 9-17): 0981904803 or Urgent situations on the weekend: 0469660803

Restaurant Upseerikerho: 0207879758 or

Guided tours with Aarresaari: 0456567542 or

Nolla cabins 0505202508 or Note! Visit Isosaari is not responsible of the Nolla cabin operation.

FRS Finland Oy
PL 10
10301 Karjaa


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