The Upseerikerho Restaurant

The most gorgeous terrace in Helsinki is now open. Come and enjoy summer at the Upseerikerho restaurant!

Upseerikerho is open in the summer 2023 only on scheduled traffic days.

10.6-18.6 Sat-Sun 12 am-3 pm

23.6-24.6 Fri-Sat 12 am-10 pm

25.6-6.8 Tue-Sun 12am-3 pm (Fri-Sat 12am-8 pm)

12.8-3.9 Sat-Sun 12 am-3 pm (Sat 12 am-8 pm)

The bar has a wide selection of drinks. Coffee and bun always available. The actual food offered is salmon soup or pea soup (with meat or veg).

Other menu items are also available on charter cruises.



The Rikama Hall

The Rikama Hall is a spacious and unique venue in the Helsinki outer archipelago. Parties for up to 40-200 persons can be organised in this versatile restaurant, from private occasions to business meetings. The restaurant serves the public during high season with it’s tasty Archipelago Menu from the season’s fresh produce.