The Upseerikerho Restaurant 

Welcome to the cosy Upseerikerho restaurant!

The building was erected in the 19th century and was at the heart of the island’s social life. Since 1964 it has been functioning as a non-commissioned officers’ mess, or club. It was open to all of the island’s residents, and for example ladies’ nights/evenings, billiards game nights and dances were arranged here. The setting of the officers’ mess has long been considered exceptionally beautiful.

At the Upseerikerho restaurant and on its 100-seater seaside terrace you can enjoy drinks, tasty food and the landscape on a beautiful summer’s day by Helsinki’s most southern and arguably most magnificent sandy beach. When it’s too windy outside you can curl up beside a real wood-burning fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate.

The Upseerikerho restaurant offers something for all, childer and adults, as it’s done throughout it’s excistence. In addition to the menus it serves typical coffee shop products. The restaurant also has tights to serve alcohol.

Please note, that the restaurant cannot be booked for private use during public cruise days. We also unfortunately cannot make table reservations, except for bigger groups.

The restaurant is run by Theron Catering Oy – more about the restaurant’s opportunities from Theron Catering’s website!


Upseerikerho kesällä

Picture: Nina Ziessler
Picture on top of page: Jarmo Nieminen


Isosaari Public Cruises Sat-Sun

During 1.5 – 20.6.



Toast Skagen our way with horseradish 14,50 €


Chicken salad with Caesar dressing and Finnish Archipelago Bread 15.50 €


Creamy Salmon Soup with Finnish Archipelago Bread 15.00 €

Meat dishes

Meatballs with a traditional cram souce and Grandma’s cucumbers 16.00 €

sekä perunamuusia

Beef A´la Stroganoff, pickled cucumber, sour cream sekä mashed potatoes 17.50 €

Vegetarian food

Horse bean stew, pasta and vegan coleslow 16.50 €

Prices include VAT 14 %

Children under 12 years –40 %

Restaurant has rights to serve alcohol.

Buffet served after 20.6. at the Rikama Hall!

Opening hours

All opening hours with weather conditions permitting.

Sat/Sun 11:00-16:30

1.6-16.6 & 17.8-1.9.2019
Sat 11:00-21:00
Sun 11:00-18:00

Every day 11:00-21:00

Sat/Sun 11:00-16:30