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Isosaari 9-hole golf course was built in the 1980s. When the island was closed, only a few have been selected to enter the field. Even Finland´s president have played golf in Isosaari. Now playing is possible for everyone!

The course is in incredibly beautiful location and challenging. Landscape and atmosphere in Isosaari are absolutely unique. The lengths of the fairways are between 60-150 meters. Isosaari golf course is the most demanding par-3 course in Finland.

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Test your skills and accuracy!

“Going around the course, you can’t help but marvel at the ingenious way Risto Pakarinen and Sauli Ketonen have designed the nine holes. The terrain is very demanding, with only the first fairway on even ground. Teeing grounds are mainly grass. Fairways are relatively short, but things are kept interesting by numerous trees, roads and water hazards. Considering the location, the compact greens are in fine condition. This all makes for a truly challenging par-3 course.

When teeing off, average hitters usually use a wedge or 9 iron. The second hole is in a class of its own. The first shot is played from a small peninsula to a green just under 150 meters away, travelling over a beach, a volleyball court and a road. This is one of the hardest short holes in Finland, though the surroundings could hardly be more beautiful. The “signature hole” of this course, however, is number 7. Once again, you are standing alone on a peninsula surrounded by water, on a 5×5 meter area of grass. The distance to the hole is about 100 meters, with only water and reeds in between. Hitting a shank almost feels like a sacrilege. The round ends next to the clubhouse on the shore. The ninth hole, like the first, seems easier than the rest.

A day of golf at Isosaari is almost like going on a nature retreat, and you’ll be amazed by the spectacular views from the cliffs over both Helsinki and the open sea.”

Text: – ‘Armeijalla on Suomen vaativin par-3 kenttä’. You can read the whole story here.