The island has a marked camping area that can accommodate about 50 tents at the same time. In other parts of the island camping is prohibited for safety and nature conservation purposes.

The price of a tent place is 10 e per day per tent. In tent place includes toilet and shower rights on scheduled traffic days (check sauna and shower opening hours here). Sauna is privately maintained and its costs are covered by the marina and camping fees. The campsite has a water point. Tent places cannot be reserved in advance. Note! You can also stay in a hammock at the campsite and the price is 10 e per day per hammock.

At other times, Upseerikerho two toilets are open 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, Rikama Hall toilet is closed.

There are barbecues and picnic groups in the camping area. Note! The barbecue are is not maintained by any public organization: for this reason you must bring your own barbecue charcoal or firewood! The brick grill has two places in use and there are 3 ball grills. However, due vandalism the ball grills are disappearing sometimes so we cannot guarantee that 3 grills will be present all the time. Own disposable grills are also allowed, but grilling must be happen in a place with a fire extinguisher!

Campers must indicate their accommodation on the cruise ship upon arrival on the island in which case the camping fee will be paid for the camping period and the passenger declaration must be filled in. Each guest is required to have a name, ID, address and signature. Only the number indicated is allowed to be in the tent. The customer is obliged to contact customer service immediately if he/she notices any inconveniences or shortcomings in his/her campsite. The customer is responsible for handing over the area used in the camping in the same condition as it was at the beginning of the camping.

The camping day starts at 11 a.m and ends at 11 a.m, when the camping place must be handed over.

The camping place can be conveniently purchased in advance by sending e-mail to You can also buy camping place from the scheduled traffic ship. There are usually a lot of space.