Instructions for a safe and rewarding visit to Isosaari

Restrictions and prohibitions
Do not deviate from marked routes. There are several dangerous objects in the forest, such as fortification devices at the point of collapse.

Do not exceed the fences of the Defence Forces.

Observe prohibition and restriction signs.

Do not litter or harm nature.

Do not make an open flame.

Do not dig the ground or use metal detectors. Detectors are also prohibited on ships.

Dogs are allowed on the island only in road areas. Dogs must not be allowed in the forest and grass areas. Dogs must be kept strictly connected because of birds and safety risks.

Disabled people
The island does not have services for the disabled people, such as toilet. However, the Upseerikerho toilet is adequate for most smaller wheelchairs. Ships may not be suitable for all wheelchairs.

Roads are wide and can be walked in bad weather, but it is the customer´s responsibility to assess whether they are good enough for their use.

Strollers are permitted on board. The stroller is well accessible in a flat ground in Isosaari and grass areas.

It is not yet possible to import own bicycle by ship to the island.

Camping is allowed, but only on the camping area for a fee.

The island has sandy beaches, where swimming is allowed at your own responsible. The Isosaari beaches are not official beaches.

Nature reserves
Isosaari has several nature reserves (rocky beaches on the north and west sides). You can visit the beaches, but animals must not be disturbed and any littering and harassment is strictly prohibited.

There are mites in Isosaari in the same way as on lakes and seas in general. Mites do not thrive on Isosaari´s the roads, beaches and short-cut grass fields. For walkers in the forest and bushes, we recommend to wear light clothing that covers and protect. During the snow-free period, anyone active person in nature should do a mite check. Based on THL´s analysis criteria and risk analysis, Isosaari is not currently a TBE risk area, but THL is monitoring the situation.

Boating and ferry traffic
Arrival by own boat is only allowed at the quest marina for a fee. Places cannot be reserved in advance, but you can call to harbor master 0447634768 to ask about situation. In the marina, mooring is allowed for private boats, not for charters or merchant vessels. Mooring, landing and anchoring in the island´s coastal areas is strictly prohibited for safety and conservation reasons!

Purchasing waterbus tickets, guided tours and golf cruises in advance from the online store is recommented. It is the responsibility of each customer to leave the island at the latest vessel, unless they stay in a tent or in own boat. The shipping company is not obliged to transport customers who is late from the island.