Charters for groups

We organize events for 30-100 people in Isosaari. Isosaari is a popular destination for celebrating corporate holidays in beautiful archipelago. The island´s services offer good experiences which is tailored to customer´s wishes. Thousands of successful private events have been held in Isosaari.

Charters can be organized either as a group trip onn a scheduled traffic or on private vessel as a charter cruise. You can find  scheduled traffic days from page “ferry service”. If there is not scheduled traffic at the time what you want, please send request to us and I will help you. It is not possible to rent Upseerikerho or large sauna because they are open to all customers on the island.

Boat trip

The journey begins with a boat trip to the island. FRS Finland Oy has various vessels for group trip. The choice of vessel is influenced by the size of thr group and the services offered on board. It is not possible to dine on the smallest vessels, but they are faster and are usually a good choice for small groups. The largest vessels has all the amenities and plenty of space. There are list of vessels from smallest to largest. The boat usually leaves from Kauppatori, Market Square or from another place which is agreed with customer.

Starting point from the Market Square

Restaurant services

There are two restaurants in Isosaari: Upseerikerho and Rikaman sali. Upseerikerho is beach restaurant with a large terrace and Rikaman sali is a funky building with a large dining room inside the island. 

Both restaurants are maintained by Visit Isosaari. The restaurants offer a customized menu for the party with everything from salmon soup to a lavish archipelago table. The price is determined by the offer and price range is 15-40e per person. The sales guarantee is 1 000e per group. Both restaurants have A-licences.

You can request a complete offer for restaurant through us:

Find out more information about restaurants here.


Other activities

Isosaaren uimaranta

Other activities are for example air pistol shooting, ice floating, yard games and an adventure track. Ask more details from us!