Sandy Beaches

Isosaari has two beaches. They are located at the north end of the island – close to the marina for visiting boats and yachts, the sauna and the Upseerikerho (‘Officers’ Mess’) restaurant. The view from the beaches is spectacular and beyond the Suomenlinna sea fortress you can see all the way to Helsinki. The beach close to the restaurant has a wide grass area where you can sunbathe and relax on a blanket. Check saunas opening hours here. There is a charge for the private sauna. You can get refreshing drinks from the terrace bar of the restaurant just a short distance away.

The beaches are family friendly and, under adult supervision, a great place for the little ones. Besides the soft sand children can also play in the small playground south of the beach. Please keep in mind that the beaches are not official swimming beaches.

Are these the best swimming beaches in the capital region? Come and find out!