Isosaari Torpedo Test Station

It is now possible to have a look at the old Torpedo Test Station, built in 1936. Finland inherited Russian T/12-torpedoes upon independence in 1917, and in the 1930’s some real training and testing was done at Isosaari. In 1956 the testing operations were moved to Upinniemi. After this the building was used for corrosion testing until 2017. The whole peninsula Peninniemi has been closed for the public until May 2019, when it will be possible to visit the sites on guided tours for the first time.

There are tours every day during normal opening hours on the island. More information here

Private groups 450 €/group (max 30 pers.). Duration 2 hours, of which 1 hour is spent on the site and 1 hour on other sites on the island.