The main marina on Isosaari currently offers moorings for about 24 visiting private recreational crafts. Most of these involve picking up stern mooring buoys but there is also some space for mooring alongside the jetty. Places cannot be reserved in advance, so we only recommend payment upon arrival at the port. Visitors can pay for their visit via SMS, our website or Parkman application. Remember to pay marina fee before leaving the port!


Please pay for your visit in the marina before leaving the marina area. There are three ways to pay for your visit:

  1. Send an SMS to number 16140, the fee will be added to your phone bill.
    Choose code: Day fee: I10E / Night fee, buoy/beam: I28E (Note: the letter before the code us I (i) as in Isosaari)
    Example: l28E KALLE A54545
    You will receive a receipt via SMS. Please show the receipt to the harbour master if requested.
  2. Go to address and choose your mooring location. Choose from the options and make a payment as instructed via internet bank or with a credit card. You will receive a receipt both via SMS and email. Please show the receipt to the harbour master if requested.
  3. It is also possible to pay marina fee via Parkman application.



Any mooring against the rules and signs in this area is subject ta a control fee af 100 € for private boaters. Mooring is prohibited for vessels in commercial use and is subject to a 2 000 € control fee. The area is equipped with a recording video surveillance system. By mooring you accept the rules and conditions.

By parking you agree to to the terms. In case of problems, call the harbor master of Isosaari +358 447 634 768. General customer service 0102023780  (weekdays from 9 a.m to 3 p.m).  Emergency number is 112.

Opening hours and prices 2022


-There are no functioning services on the island
-All activities at your own responsibility!

-Sauna is open only by appointment. Reservations
-Restaurant is open only by appointment Reservations
-GoGolf Isosaari operation reservations

-Public sauna opens 4th of June (check opening hours here)

-Restaurant (check opening hours here)
-WC 24/7

-Sauna (check opening hours here)

-Restaurant (check opening hours here)
-WC 24/7

-Sauna is open on scheduled traffic days (check opening hours here) After 5th of September only by appointment
-Restaurant (check opening hours here) After 5th of September only by appointment

-There are no functioning services on the island
-All activities at your own responsibility!


Day ticket … 10€
Night ticket… 28€
Night, if side to pier 25m (ask customer service) … 100€

If you have any problem, call to a harbour master phone: +358447634768. General customer service phone number is 0102023780 (weekdays 9-15). In the case of emergency situation call 112. Please, pay harbour fee before you leave the Isosaari. Thank you!

Note! Schedules can change due to corona situation. We will update the website. Thank you for understanding!

There are two harbor areas: the Main Port and Lagoon (formely the Old Guest Marina).

Boats over 30 feet with a draft of more than 1,5 m are parked in the area of the Main Harbor. The depth in whole of the Main Port area is at least 3 m. There is no official boat route to the harbor, but the shore and depth information are correct. At buoy berths the passage height is about one meter, depending on the water level. The harbor is open to northwest, north and northeast winds, otherwise the harbor is sheltered. In strong winds in above direction, the harbor may be closed. Then, we will announce about situation on our Facebook page!

The Lagoon is sheltered from all winds. The Lagoon is parked by up to 30 feet deep and up to 2 m deep. Please note, that due to the circumstances, the buoys are quite close to the piers so it is difficult for boats longer than 30 feet to moor in the Lagoon. The beach areas are shallow and there may be rocks in the vicinity of the beaches so operate very careful  in the Lagoon.

Day places are sold between 10 a.m-8 p.m and night places between 12 a.m-12 a.m. If there is no congestion, we can negotiate stays flexibly. Please note, that vessels in commercial charter are not allowed to come in the port area. When you are moving in the port area, the passanger vessels must be given unhindered access and the area of the Main Harbor must be kept free on both sides of the quay. Also on Satudays and Sundays in June, August and September, and daily from Midsummer to the beginning of schools the east side of L-quay must be kept free for the operation and mooring of m/s Isosaari.

Please note that anchoring is strictly prohibited in the harbor and beach areas of Isosaari! Protected area regulations apply in the Armed Forces! Anchoring in the port area can damage submarine piping and cabling. Tourist boats can only park at the port for guest in the Main Harbor and the Lagoon area.

We hope that visitors do not leave debris on the island because storing debris and transporting it from island requires resources.


Anchoring in the port area is strictly prohibited! At the bottom are the data cables of the Defense Forces.

The stern buoys are positioned as shown below. In the Main Harbor the height of the berth at the bow of the stern buoys on the shelter side is about one meter. Expect for the weekend in June and August and the period from Midsummer to beginning of school, when m/s Isosaari operates you can moor to the pier line. You must leave both sides of quay and the south side of quay free. Remember to be careful in the Lagoon. The Lagoon is sheltered from all winds, but beaches are shallow. The beaches are bordered by buoys beyond which is not safe for boats.


The Main Harbor outside scheduled traffic:


The Main Harbor during scheduled traffic (check schedules here):


The Lagoon: